The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life,
when there is so much pain and turmoil?
In one moment, a baby is born, the next, an old person dies.
There is so much confusion in the world today,
corridors of twisted lies.
It is so hard to see what is true and right,
when there are so many obstacles to blind the sight.
We are held as captives in the darkness, waiting to be freed,
while the rulers of the earth gloat in their glee.
The powers of the underworld seek whom they may devour,
without a care or concern,
just eager for gluttonous power.
They have no heed for true integrity,
only to make our lives a living misery.
What is to become of all of this,
what does it all mean?
It seems so meaningless, senseless, and pointless,
and causes many to despair.
The world we live in is in much needed repair.
We need a vision, a hope, a dream,
that the Light of Truth may come rushing forth like a mighty stream.
Oh, how wonderful He will be,
shining in all His glorious majesty.
Nothing may stop Him,
for He is at One with the Holy Almighty.
Splendid that day shall be,
for the captives shall be set free,
and TRUTH shall prevail for all of eternity.

The Lion from the Tribe of Judah has Triumphed!!!

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