Thy Kingdom Come!!!

To ALL my Brothers and Sisters out there; all who are feeling discouraged and confused; all who have ALL the love in their hearts to live in constant companionship with He who suffered that bitter cup Our Father has given Him; I behold a message for you, in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Who is Savior of the World.

Jesus is the Son of God, also known as Son of Man. It is my mission to do my part to help STOP the seemingly endless persecution of Him, so that after ALL this time, His terrible wounds can finally heal. Brothers and Sisters, He is NOT dead! Jesus is ALIVE!!! Where in this universe, the matter of which we have no idea how IMMENSELY HUGE it really IS, would you suppose our Big Brother has been living? Don't you know, He loves and cares about each and every one of us? I KNOW, deep down in the bottom of my Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength - all the way to the very top, He would like us ALL to be alive; just as He is to this present day. He took the bitter cup our Sovereign Father has given Him, and Lived. One day, He WILL come out of the sky, and show His glory to ALL. Yes, He took that ever so bitter cup our Father has given Him, and it still hurts Him to this very day. But He is not going to let it get Him down. We, as human beings, have OUR responsibility, also, to finally make it right.

I sin from time to time. Please forgive me. I give satan absolutely no credit WHAT SO EVER! If I get any credit at all, that credit is MINE. And behold, the foolish ol' devil stands for nothing, nothing at all. With all the strength, courage, knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion, and works the Lord chooses to bless me with, I WILL come to the devil - face to face... And behold! I WILL spit in his eye! I take the Oath of my Honor, with my signature where GOD dwells; that is in Heaven, which is in the Heart; to stand firm, and knock the devil out, wherever I see him lie; and endure to the end... All the way through Armageddon - until the end is here, and perfect real life begins.

I will try to help my Brothers and Sisters to take courage, to stand fast, and help them make it to how ever far they want to go. It is my duty, it is my command; as it is in the heart of Our Brother, Jesus Christ, as well as in mine; that we love one another, no matter how different we are; so that the wounds of Our Big Brother can finally heal. Be it in the name of Our Savior, and Lord of the World, Who is Ever Living, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy WILL Be Done, On Earth, As It Is In Heaven

Freely given, Please feel encouraged to photocopy and freely give.

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