There's A Bright World Ahead

There's a brightly lit world ahead
Full of excitement and prosperity for all Children of the Promise
The Light is on the horizon, breaking through the darkness
The Kingdom as promised is at hand
But first all prophecy must be fulfilled to the end
All powers of darkness shall be subdued and cast into the abyss
Standing upon the solid Rock of Salvation
With the Archangel of the earth
The awesome and Holy warrior Michael as an ally
And all the legions of the Holy Angels of our Father in Heaven
I shall not be moved
No fear shall come near me as I press onward
Toward the Light, getting brighter and brighter
In the strength of the Lord
I shall come to face the enemy
Oh Lucifer! How once you shone with such brilliance!
Once the most beautiful creature of all God's creation
But you fell from such great height
In your pride and arrogant self-righteousness
Never to return to the place of honor
You have earned the name of Satan - the deceiver of the nations
You have become worthy only of oblivion
And they who worship your image
Mourn, Oh Children of the Promise!
Lament for those who will never go home
Never to know the Promise Land
For so tragic is the loss
But alas, your mourning shall be turned to joy
As God Himself wipes all tears from your eyes
And does away with the old order of things
And makes all things new
As the Holy Angels usher in the everlasting Kingdom
And all darkness is swallowed up in victory!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah to the Lord our God!
For He has been, is, and is yet to come!
His love endures forever and ever
His Righteousness is everlasting
His ways and judgments are always just
And His Word is always true
Glory! Glory! Glory! And all praise
To He Whom all power and authority belong
He is my God of Salvation
The Rock of my Foundation
And His Kingdom will never pass away
In the name of Holy Righteousness - Jesus Christ
Amen and Amen.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy WILL Be Done, On Earth, As It Is In Heaven

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