The Wind Fans The Flame

A Flame! Out in the desert!
A burning bush to speak of man's destiny!
The winds of change began to stir, and the flame spread up into the air.
It took to our hearts, and got into our minds.
The flame of our destiny burns within us all of the time.
Fan the Flame, oh Winds of Change!
Fan the Flame, and liberties to us proclaim!
Whisper into our hearts, and speak into our souls,
As the wind whistles through the trees, and speaks to the sparrows.
Fan the Flame, oh Winds of Change!
Make it brighter and brighter!
Fan the Flame until the whole world is on fire!
Glorious Revelations from God unto man.
Prophetic interpretations to help us all to understand.
Divine Inspiration, Spiritual Sight, Significant Dreams, and Miracle Light!
Oh Father, lead us, Your children, into Your very own delight!

In Jesus' Name
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen!

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